Auberge les Myrtilles and Corona

8 June 2020
The opening date June 12 is approaching fast and we are working on the final preparations.
In addition to the normal preparations, this year we will also integrate the government-imposed sanitary Corona safety measures into our work. All this to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday at ours without any worries.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you.
See you soon!

29 Mai 2020
Yesterday Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the new and much relaxed measures regarding the lock-down exit during a television speech.
It all boils down to the fact that as of 2 June all restaurants, bars, hotels and campsites are allowed to open again and that from then on there will be unlimited travel within France. It has also been decided that France will reopen its borders with the other EU countries on 15 June.
In view of this very positive news for tourism, we have decided that we will reopen the Auberge on June 12 and that from this date our guests are welcome again.
Tourism in France will find its normal turn, of course, taking into account the “social distancing” of 1 meter.
This also means that our corona cancellation conditions will be valid till the 12th of June and that the normal cancellation conditions will come into force again from this date. Bookings with a start date before June 12 are therefore still subject to the corona cancelation conditions.
We look forward to opening the Auberge again and doing everything we can to ensure you have a great holiday and a pleasant stay with us.

See you soon

9 May 2020
There are still many uncertainties regarding the possibility of going on holiday to France.
On May 7, the Prime Minister confirmed the implementation of the lock-down exit as of Monday, May 11. This means that the French will have more freedoms, while respecting health and social distancing rules.
From this date, all businesses can open, except pubs, restaurants and hotels. Their opening possibilities will be re-examined at the end of May.
It is very important for the French economy to rescue at least a part of the summer tourist season so we hope that from mid-June it will be possible to travel to France and that our hotel (including the restaurant) will be open.
Therefore we are looking forward to the Prime Minister’s new speech in late May.
If in June the government measures relating to COVID-19 still prevent people from traveling and staying with us, our corona cancellation policy will be extended until the end of June.
On our website we will keep you informed about the latest news.

April 24, 2020
Due to the problems around the Corona virus (Covid-19 virus), we are seeing a growing number of forced cancellations. Since these cancellations are due to force majeure, we have decided to offer a free rebooking of your trip to a later period. If rebooking is not possible, we offer a voucher for a stay at a later date. The measures mentioned have a specific and temporary character. Below you will find more information about this voucher (hereinafter referred to as the Corona voucher).

  • The Corona Voucher is only issued in case of cancellation of a trip because the trip cannot take place due to the unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances caused by the Corona virus.
  • The voucher clearly states that it is a Corona Voucher
  • The value of the Corona Voucher cannot be more than the payment made on the trip canceled due to the Corona virus.
  • The name of the main booker and the date of issue are shown on the Corona Voucher.
  • The Corona Voucher has an explicit period of validity corresponding to the departure date of the canceled reservation plus a maximum of 1 year.
  • The period of validity is clearly stated on the Corona Voucher.
  • This measure has a temporary character and is valid until 1 June 2020. If the circumstances around the Corona virus give cause to do so, this period can be extended.
  • This measure applies to all reservations with an arrival date up to and including 31 May 2020. If the circumstances around the Corona virus give cause to do so, this period can be extended.
  • This decision is dated April 24, 2020.
  • This decision will be communicated on the Auberge les Myrtilles website with a clear statement of its specific and temporary character.

April 20, 2020
Like everyone, we follow the news closely to estimate the possibilities and impossibilities with regard to going on holiday to us. France is currently in a lock-down situation associated with strict regulations and many restrictions. It is very likely that a cautious lock-down exit will start from 11 May. More exactly what this will mean for tourism will become clearer in the coming days / weeks. Unfortunately, all this causes a lot of uncertainty for both you and us about your (planned) holiday. We will keep you informed about the latest developments via our website.

We wish everyone good health.

Kind regards, René and Anouk Kesseleer